Why should I choose window shutters over blinds or curtains and what are their benefits?
Looks, quality, safety, security and maintenance are just a handful of reasons why shutters are superior to blinds and curtains.

How environmentally-friendly are window shutters?
We make absolutely sure to carefully source our materials from suppliers that encourage sustainability and promote eco-friendly practices. Installing window shutters can also reduce the amount of energy required for heating homes. Their insulative properties mean that they help keep your home warm and reduce costs on your energy bill.

How do I keep window shutters well-maintained?
A quick wipe with a damp cloth or duster is all that is required. Plantation shutters are very hard-wearing and require minimal maintenance once installed.

Do shutters come with a guarantee or warranty?
Depending on which range is chosen Shutters come with a minimum of three years, ten years and twenty five years. The external decorative range has a limited lifetime guarantee. All shutters are ideal for the stringent child safety laws about to be introduced and also have super colour fastness and UV capability’s.

Is there anything I should do before having my windows surveyed?
Checking whether the windowsill is fitted and if architraves or dado rails are in place is always helpful before seeking consultation. But our team will fully survey your window area so there is no need to worry.

What if I have non-symmetrical or unorthodox windows?
Plantation shutters are versatile by nature. Custom-built and designed shutters are always available for even the most complex of window and door-frames.

Are window shutters safe around children?
Yes, shutters are fitted without the use of cords or any other hazards that can cause entanglement. Shutters can also be fixed in to place with high-locks to stop toddlers from trapping their fingers as well as preventing them from being unlocked.

Are external shutters available?
External shutters are available in number of ranges. Decorative, Operable and The Bahama Atlantic range which is hand built and warrantys on all these are for the lifetime of the house holder. These are made of PVC, Composite and Wood. We available in decorative or as working models.

What louvre size is best?
Generally speaking, the bigger the louvre size, the more light is allowed in; however smaller louvre sizes offer greater privacy.

Can I have custom-designed shutters or are they all set sizes and dimensions?
Yes you can, all window and door-frames are measured to allow for an exact custom-fit. We don’t just fit a size closest to that of your window, we make sure to perfectly match the shutters with the size of your window.